Easy Open Ends
Easy open end, is used to seal cans, belongs to the metal packaging products. Usually made of aluminum or tinplate, it has various sizes, suitable for tin cans, aluminum cans, composite cans, PET plastic cans and paper cans, etc. Easy open end is mainly used in food & beverage metal packaging industry. It has excellent mechanical properties, mainly in the performance of high temperature, humidity resistance, pressure resistance, pest resistance, resistance to harmful substances erosion. Easy to carry but Not easy to damage, adapt to the fast pace of modern society life. It can be recycled.

2-Piece DRD Cans
2-pieces cans are developed in replaced of 3-piece cans that cause lead pollution. The 2-piece can is a packaging container with the bottom end and the body shaped from one sheet of metal by deep drawing. As the whole can is composed of two pieces, it is known as the two-piece can. Compared with the 3-piece can, the 2-piece can has the following advantages: 1. The can body has no side seam, and there's no seam between the body and the bottom end, so the can is tightly sealed with less consumption of raw materials; 2. The can body can be fully decorated and printed; 3. The can making process is easy and efficient. In terms of can body height, there are shallow drawn cans and deep drawn cans; In terms of raw materials, there are 2-piece aluminum cans and 2-piece steel cans (tinplate cans); In terms of can body forming, there are drawn and ironed (DI) cans and drawn & redrawn (DRD) cans; In terms of can shapes, there are round cans and irregular cans. 2-Piece DRD Cans are widely used in food, beverage and pet food packaging industry.

Metal Caps & Closures
Caps and Closures Market by Product Type (Easy-open Can Ends, Metal Lug Closures, Peel-off Foils, Plastic Screw Closures, Metal Crowns, Metal Screw Closures, Corks, Plastic Screw Closures, and Others), by Application (Beer, Wine, Bottled Water, Carbonated Soft Drinks, and Others) Today Caps and Closures play a much vital role in Packaging than just mere looks.They can be used in many ways to provide food & beverages with extended shelf-life and the products that preserve flavor, texture, & test for long time and provide barrier to dirt, moisture, and oxygen. The major raw materials used in manufacturing of caps and closures are plastic and metal. They can be used in a variety of application like in a Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic industry, household, construction etc. as they are available in many designs and sizes. We takes immense pleasure in offering metal caps and closures production lines.

Fancy Tins
Fancy tins, the special tin boxes, can be used as storage boxes, or as decorative objects. The design boxes will make perfect enclosure for special presents.

Metal Cans & Pails
Metal cans and pails that can be used for paints, coatings, thinners, adhesives and motor oils, etc. Metal cans and pails can come with a range of sizes, with many closure options and are suitable for both liquids and solids.

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