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We are able to design and assemble various production lines to produce easy open ends in different materials, shapes and types according to customers’ requirements. Such as: tinplate, aluminium, round, irregular, full aperture type (FA), ring pull type (RPT), stay on tab (SOT), etc.

Low-speed and high-speed easy open end production lines are available.

Easy open end production line mainly includes: Shell System, Conversion System, Tooling System

Shell System
Our shell system adopts automatic ZIGZAG feeding system and Chinese famous brand press, ensure the feeding smooth, fast and high productivity. Compare with traditional punching system, it fully improve the production capacity and the utilization rate of raw materials.

Conversion System
According to customers' different demands, we will choose MINSTER, INGYU, YADON, AOMATE or any other satisfactory conversion press to design various conversion systems for EOE’s production.

Tooling System
We design tab die tooling and lane die tooling, make them in famous precision die processing center to make sure the quality